Systemise Fulfilment targets global marketplace expansion after opening six new warehouses 

Dec Connolly Editor

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A family-led fulfilment firm from the UK, Systemise Fulfilment has plans in motion for significant global expansion. The eCommerce fulfilment provider has gained a combined worldwide warehouse space of over 50,000 sq ft, growing from an initial 2,000 sq ft warehouse in Scunthorpe, UK, in just 3 years. 

The prep and order fulfilment company is now looking to increase its portfolio of warehouses in existing markets and enter more major marketplaces across the globe – following the successful launch of six licensed warehouses in the UK, USA and EU over the past 3 years and the creation of at least 45 jobs.

The fast-growing company was founded in 2015 and is spearheaded by Co-founders and Directors Kevin Blackburn and his partner, Kylie Thomas. The company attributes its success to date to its commitment to customers, long-term vision and enthusiasm for eCommerce. Their ambitious plans for the future include hopes to launch in the German, French, Italian, Spanish and Middle Eastern markets within the next 3 years. As well as increasing the number of warehouses in the UK and USA. Longer-term, the firm also aims to become an established name in every major marketplace in the world. 

Since launching the company, the global Systemise Fulfilment team has shipped over 4 million units with an estimated sales total of over £50 million for their eCommerce partners.  

Kevin Blackburn, Co-Founder and Director at Systemise Fulfilment commented: “I’m so proud of our whole team and like-minded licenced partners across the UK, EU and US for their dedication to our vision, core values, systems and processes. Our incredible team and passionate licenced partners are helping us to reach our ambitious goals far faster than we could have ever imagined when we first began this journey.

“We are committed to continuing our expansion efforts across the globe, as so far our overseas licenced warehouses have been a huge success. Our licensed partners have had the opportunity to grow and develop their own warehouse teams, and our eCommerce partners — which range from early stage Amazon sellers right through to advanced eCommerce businesses — have also been a huge part of this progression.

“Our move into the global marketplaces means we can better support eCommerce partners to also expand their businesses into global markets, through specialist and dedicated support systems and also by offering a synergistic, global order fulfilment service.”

Alongside their plans to enter more major EU markets and the Middle East, Systemise Fulfilment is also working towards plans to open warehouses in more North American countries and Australia in the next 6 years.