Moodle Earns Nine Coveted G2 Badges, Demonstrating Excellence in Spring 2023

Dec Connolly Editor

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Moodle, the leading open-source learning management system, has garnered significant recognition with the acquisition of nine prestigious G2 badges for Spring 2023. These esteemed accolades include the highly coveted titles of 2023 Best Estimated ROI, 2023 Fastest Implementation, and 2023 Highest User Adoption.

The G2 badges, regarded as a mark of excellence in the software industry, serve as a testament to Moodle’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional quality and service. G2, a trusted platform for software reviews utilized by over 60 million users, meticulously evaluates companies based on verified customer reviews, social media opinions, and other online data.

Moodle’s impressive performance in the G2 Report for Winter 2023 laid the foundation for their recent triumphs. The platform was previously awarded the esteemed G2 The Users Love Us badge and named the Winner of the G2 2023 Best Software Awards.

In the Spring 2023 G2 Report, Moodle solidified its position as an industry leader by securing the following prestigious badges:

  1. Winner in the 2023 Best Estimated ROI category for Training Management Systems (overall for Spring and Enterprise categories)
  2. Winner in the 2023 Fastest Implementation category for Training Management Systems (Small Business and Mid-Market categories)
  3. Winner in the 2023 Highest User Adoption category for Training Management Systems and Ethics and Compliance Learning (Small Business and Mid-Market categories)
  4. Leader in the 2023 High Satisfaction and Market Presence category for Learning Management Systems (overall for Spring, Mid-Market categories, and Enterprise)

As an open-source learning management system, Moodle places paramount importance on user experience as part of its mission to empower educators globally. The attainment of these esteemed G2 badges and awards signifies Moodle’s dedication to meeting the needs of learners and educators, thereby making a positive impact on education worldwide.

The G2 badges are a result of authentic peer reviews, providing reassurance to potential users that Moodle’s rankings reflect the quality of its products and services. Businesses and professionals seeking software solutions can trust G2 as a reliable resource due to its extensive user base and rigorous evaluation process.

Moodle encourages its users to contribute to the platform’s growth by sharing their experiences and leaving reviews on the G2 website. By engaging with the Moodle communit