Propaganda’s national campaign for Suit Direct challenges tailoring doomsayers

Dec Connolly Editor

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Leeds-based strategic and creative brand consultancy, Propaganda has launched a brand campaign for leading menswear retailer, Suit Direct. With a six figure budget, this 360° campaign covers OOH media with 48 sheet and 6 sheet billboards; in-store marketing at the retailer’s 45 locations; as well as digital ads and social media assets.

This campaign comes amid a huge expansion for Suit Direct who bucked convention during the pandemic and switched its strategy to open brick and mortar stores at a time when many competitors were pulling out of the high street. Since September 2020 the retailer has opened 26 new high street locations, bringing the total stores to 45.

The retailer’s parent company, Baird Group, enlisted Propaganda to increase Suit Direct’s brand awareness one year ago. As their partner, Propaganda are working on a number of initiatives to transform the brand which launches with ‘Long Live The Suit’ – a campaign that challenges media headlines that prematurely declared the death of suit tailoring.

The rise in home-working since Covid has led some commentators to theorise that, with fewer people working in offices, suits and formalwear are no longer a staple item in retail offerings. Contrastingly, Propaganda’s campaign for Suit Direct shows the brand breathing new life into the category and closing the coffin on outdated perceptions. It is conformity that is dead, rather than the suit, while self-expression and creativity are on the rise.

Utilising images and video, the creative shows off the various ways men in 2022 use suits to express themselves. From heritage looks and suit separates through to blazers paired with t-shirts or jeans, the versatility of Suit Direct’s extensive collections is illustrated.

Jo Parkinson, Marketing Director at Propaganda, says, “Suit Direct is a brand that has demonstrated courage through a period that was challenging for many retailers. Bucking convention, they have opened 26 new stores since the pandemic at a time when competitors are pulling out of the high street. ‘Long Live The Suit’ clearly delivers the message to consumers and the industry that, regardless of naysayers, Suit Direct is reinvigorating tailoring and brick and mortar retail alike.

Kevin Stone, Marketing Director at Baird Group, says, “Having worked with Propaganda for a year, the painstaking work that has gone into the whole process has blown us away. And now, seeing the culmination of that effort in this exciting campaign, it is clear that it has absolutely paid off. We’re already working on our next campaign with the Propaganda team and are looking forward to seeing more great results.”