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Online Fashion Retailer Kit & Kaboodal Hit Record £2M

Dec Connolly Editor

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North Yorkshire-based women’s retailer Kit & Kaboodal has witnessed their most lucrative quarter for their online store ending Q2 of the financial year on over £2,000,000, with May hitting a turnover of £750,000 – standing as their highest performing month since the business began in 2013. 

Running solely on their online platform, Kit & Kaboodal outfit women worldwide offer a highly varied range of clothing, including an expansive plus-size collection, as well as their own in-house collection, which has seen expansive growth within this month of brilliant performance – reaching a quarter of a million in sales in Q2 and set to grow this coming quarter. 

In conversation about their well-deserved success, Financial Director John Marsden said, “Two years ago, we faced an uncertain future with most of our staff furloughed and the four directors working around the clock to keep business going as the country entered lockdown. Today is a very different story, with order numbers currently averaging around 10,000 a month. 

He added, “we are fortunate to be one of the businesses who thrived throughout the COVID crisis and now, with our loyal customer base of over 100,000 and our fantastic new 16,000sq ft premises at the Ousegill Business Park, we are fully tooled up to keep breaking through those barriers and moving to the next level.”