Onebright launches gamified mental health training to help business leaders support employees

Dec Connolly Editor

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York-based Onebright, the UK’s leading outpatient mental healthcare company, has today launched a gamified mental health training programme to enable business leaders and managers to develop life enhancing techniques to support themselves and those they lead with daily life pressures at work and home.

Onebright has put thousands of hours of clinical expertise into developing content that focuses on mental health in the workplace. Partnering with Attensi, a world leader in the development of game-based training solutions, Onebright has created true-to-life digital simulations.

The dynamic training programme combines advanced 3D modelling with insight into human behaviour and psychology, allowing business leaders and managers to access a virtual world of mental health modules and topics. The programme is launching with five foundation sessions that will focus on:

1. The definition of mental health and mental health in the workplace

2. Recognising the signs, symptoms, and triggers of common mental health conditions

3. Having impactful conversations

4. Supporting others and planning for success

5. Signposting

As part of the training, users will complete various Q&A tests before moving on to engage in realistic scenario-based dialogues with a virtual employee (avatar). The Attensi programme provides users with scores and feedback, including displaying the optimal answers and responses, meaning that users can improve as they play and track their progress.

Accessed via an app on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop, the training will help improve the knowledge retention of leaders and line managers and give them the confidence and skills they need to improve the management of mental health conditions in the workplace, to master the right behaviours, and to help colleagues.

Game-based training is shown to increase engagement and motivation to repeat training, which helps people retain information over the longer-term. This, along with the sensory experience, is also more likely to drive positive behaviour change.

Commenting on the launch, Tim Dunn, Chief Commercial Officer, Onebright, said: “With one in six employees likely to require mental healthcare support at some point, the requirement for mental health training in the workplace has never been more significant, and this has been compounded by the impact of the Covid pandemic on everyone’s mental health.

“We understand that businesses want to provide the right level of support to their employees, and training for the workforce enables people to better spot the signs and symptoms of conditions, and better understand how to best talk to and help someone.”

“We have been working on the development of this e-training app for a year and are incredibly proud of what we have achieved with Attensi. We believe this will be a gamechanger in the training of mental health in the workplace and we can’t wait to work with businesses and our insurance partners to bring this product to the marketplace.”

Madeleine Porter, Sales Director, Attensi UK, said: “We understand from our clients across all sectors that the mental health of staff – now more than ever – is of paramount importance. According to a recent survey, a third of British employees say their mental wellbeing has worsened since the pandemic began.

“To help address this, we have welcomed the opportunity to partner with Onebright to develop a proactive solution to help organisations address and support their employees. Thanks to our work with Onebright, we are pleased our game-based training can educate and empower individuals and organisations with the skills and information they need to offer better health and wellbeing practices in the workplace.”