New global consultancy launches to help companies sell better and more.

Dec Connolly Editor


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A new global consultancy has launched in Leeds to help companies operate more efficiently and sell more. The SalesFitness Group brings together established business advisory company SalesLevers and its sister data company i-snapshot.

The new group operates offices in Leeds, London, Middlesbrough and Glasgow alongside a global network of affiliates.

Commenting on the launch, Richard Higham, marketing and sales director of the SalesFitness Group, said: “As the economy faces a global downturn, there has never been a more critical time to manage an efficient and focused sales operation. Tough economic conditions often create market disruption and the opportunity to win market share. So we’ve launched an innovative approach to improving sales by combining leading consultancy, data insights, organisational design, team development and analytics.

“Companies of all sizes struggle to shift to a hybrid sales approach post covid and are facing economic headwinds. However, we believe that a fresh approach, enabled by technology, can help businesses grow, even in the toughest conditions.”

SalesFitness Group operates SalesWisdom, which helps companies with research, insights and analytical solutions. In addition, SalesLevers provides processes and tools to improve performance, including coaching and training for individual and team development.

SalesWindow works on the recording, reporting and forecasting of sales data and has recently launched a new forecasting app for complex sales called SalesCast.

The group supports companies ranging from Mizuno Golf to Chargeurs Group, an international high-technology manufacturing company and operator of the world’s largest studio dedicated to creating cultural content.

Martin Allison, chairman of SalesFitness Group, said: “Salespeople and the wider sales function don’t always get the respect they deserve in UK corporate culture. We believe good selling does good – good for the customer, the organisation and its stakeholders, and the individual salesperson too. In a business world that is changing rapidly and radically, the strategies, processes and skills that have served in the past need to change to deliver results in the future.”