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Leeds tech start-up becomes founding member of Responsible Computing organisation 

Dec Connolly Editor

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Slingshot Simulations, a Leeds-based tech pioneer of Digital Twin Technology, is one of the first organisations to join the Responsible Computing initiative – a consortium designed to innovate technology for sustainable development in infrastructure, code, and social impact. 

Dell Technologies and the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) were the first primary members of Responsible Computing, alongside Slingshot Simulations. 

Responsible Computing aims to restore trust in IT by responsibly applying technology to drive a positive impact for society and the planet. 

Members of Responsible Computing solve technical problems to transform IT, teams, for sustainable impact, alongside market solutions to impact business profitability positively.  

As ‘Ground-breaker Members Since Day One’, Slingshot Simulations is hosting a free, open event on September 29th in Leeds to showcase the importance of Responsible Computing. 

Slingshot will bring together the founding members of Responsible Computing, alongside global tech experts from the Digital Twin Consortium in September’s networking event. 

Further ‘Ground-breaker Day One Members’ include Transforma Insights, Purdue University College of Engineering, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and The University of Edinburgh. 

David McKee, Slingshot Simulations Founder, CEO and CTO, said, “It is an honour to be a groundbreaker member of such an important initiative as Responsible Computing. This is a topic that Slingshot Simulations is passionate about supporting and a core part of our mission to apply the power of data science, analytics, machine learning, simulation and digital twins to some of the biggest challenges we face today, such as sustainability. I encourage anyone interested in the topic to join us in Leeds on September 29th or contact us directly to learn more.” 

Pete Mills, Slingshot’s Sustainability Lead, said, “This is a great opportunity to raise the profile of Responsible Computing in the context of and in collaboration with the Digital Twin Consortium and highlight the work to the hundreds of its industry members and a broader international audience.”