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Golfsupport tee off SEO campaign with The SEO Works

Dec Connolly Editor

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The Sheffield-based digital agency The SEO Works have won the race to lead the SEO strategy for online golf retailer Golfsupport.

Established over a decade ago, the formally family-run business now utilises a large team including a number of PGA professionals. Golfsupport are an authorised retailer of all things golf and have a healthy online presence – as well as a fitting studio, and stock warehouse.

In a highly competitive industry such as golf retailing, both growth and search visibility are difficult to obtain. Despite a strong reputation, Golfsupport had struggled to achieve their full digital potential – which is where The SEO Works came in.

The award-winning agency executed an extensive audit of the Golfsupport website and were able to pinpoint the exact areas that could be ameliorated in order to begin the improvement of the rankings.

Leading on from the detailed audit and competitive pitch process, it was apparent that they were the correct candidate to make sure Golfsupport achieved this digital potential. Motivated by the proven track record of The SEO Works with e-commerce clients, as well as the technical expertise shown prior, Golfsupport appointed the award-winning agency as their SEO partners.

“We’ve always looked at ways to try and push Golfsupport forward and offer our customers the best possible experience. We began to search for ways to do this and kept coming back to the same option and that option was, The SEO Works. It’s only very early in our relationship but we’re excited about the energy and ideas that the team have for Golfsupport” said Jamie Boler, Marketing Manager at Golfsupport.

The SEO team will look to create a bespoke strategy in which they will firstly target the technical aspects of the website and then shift the focus to optimising the content within the website. A main focus being the blog section of the website which is rich with helpful information but needs some improvement with the design of the page itself.

“This really is a fantastic opportunity for us here at The SEO Works” said Alex Hill, Sales Director. “Golf is one of my favourite sports as it is for many colleagues of mine, so it’s great to work with a company involved in something that we’re passionate about. We truly think we are best placed with our depth of experience, to deliver the results that Golfsupport desire and get them the level of visibility they deserve.”

The SEO Works specialises in SEO, PPC, Digital PR, Web and Paid Social advertising and has many clients within the sports e-commerce sector, including Decathlon, Rab, Forme Bikes and All Rounder Cricket.