Overseas property site launches for international expats and holiday homes

Dec Connolly Editor

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A brand new online property website has been launched for people looking to relocate or buy a second home overseas.

YourOverseasHome.com offers a wealth of informative assets to help home buyers in their property purchase journey, as well as listing thousands of properties for sale in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Cyprus.

A range of budgeting tools and planning resources are available, as well as a number of different live online virtual events and property webinars hosted by industry experts from Your Overseas Home, including independent financial advisors and estate agents.

Buyers can also find thousands of houses, villas, apartments, and plots of land in Your Overseas Homes’ comprehensive listings across Europe, ranging from as little as €50,000 to as much as €91million.

Your Overseas Home has been launched as a sister site to PropertyGuides.com, which was set up when one of the company’s founders suffered an unfortunate personal experience when buying overseas.

The team behind Your Overseas Home collectively have more than 100 years of experience in helping clients find and buy the right property whilst making the process as safe, easy and enjoyable as possible.

Jana Korpova‑Harris is the Director of Your Overseas Home. She has spent 15 years in the industry and has been a Non Executive Director of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP).

Commenting on the launch of YourOverseasHome.com, she said: “According to the BBC, an estimated 5.5m British people live permanently abroad – almost one in 10 of the UK population.

“Plenty more of us would love to own a property overseas or move abroad, but it’s often difficult to figure out where to start, or who to turn to for help. After all, overseas property isn’t cheap and nobody wants to risk getting it wrong!

“That’s where Your Overseas Home comes in. Our resources give prospective buyers instant access to estate agents, developers, solicitors, visa specialists, healthcare insurance providers, financial and tax advisors and many other experts they might need to help with their property purchase or move overseas.

“Our Property Planner is particularly helpful, as it reflects an approximate timeline of property purchases, and the steps in the planner will help clients visualise all they need to do for a successful property purchase.”

Your Overseas Home collates resources from a trusted and award-winning source of unbiased and up-to-date information, with a team made up of experts that help clients buy property in favourite destinations like Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Greece and many more.

For more information, please visit https://www.youroverseashome.com/