New collaboration seeks to bridge the skills gap for digital marketing vacancies

Dec Connolly Editor


A recent report from the British Chamber of Commerce flagged up that 76% of companies currently trying to recruit are struggling to find candidates.

Within the technology sector in 2021 there were over two million job vacancies, but a striking lack of candidates with the necessary digital skills for areas including software development and fintech. 

Now, a collaboration between recruitment expert Rebecca Ridler and Exeter agency Optix Solutions is addressing one field where recruitment is proving extremely difficult, digital marketing. Their new proposition, Your Digital Future not only matches candidates with relevant job vacancies but looks beyond their CV to their true potential.   

Rebecca, who has 15 years’ experience in recruitment and is MD of the new venture, explains, “In the past few years, the marketing sector has become ever more focused on the use of emerging digital technologies and strategies, creating a massive demand for expert digital marketing professionals.

“The reality is that there’s a significant shortage of talent out there. With Your Digital Future, we’re aiming to bridge the skills gap.”

Each candidate is assessed to ascertain if their skills meet the requirements of available vacancies. But when the fit isn’t exact, there’s support available.

“Sometimes a candidate may be hugely talented but just requires an additional level of knowledge. When they need to upskill, we provide training through our Digital Academy. The aim is to give them all the tools they need to be the perfect applicant for a range of job opportunities.”

Training is free to Your Digital Future members, with courses covering a huge variety of digital marketing topics, from SEO and social media to reporting and analytics.  

Optix Solutions MD Rob Stevens adds that even when a candidate has been placed, the Digital Academy still has a role to play.

“Training doesn’t necessarily stop once a candidate has a new job; digital marketing is constantly evolving and we can continue to support members with ongoing training so they are bang up to date with the latest trends.”

The opportunity for work within the digital marketing sector will only continue to grow, providing openings to those who may have reassessed their jobs in the light of the pandemic and are looking to change careers. To support them, Optix Solutions, a leader in digital marketing for over 20 years, has also been involved in another jobs-focused collaboration. The company is working with Exeter College, which made a successful bid for Government funding to run digital bootcamps and improve career prospects for jobseekers from any career background.

Rob says, “This is a very exciting chance to bring even more people into the digital jobs market – through one to one sessions, coaching and mentoring all the way to job interview techniques. It will give job seekers new horizons, and lower paid workers a route into higher skilled, higher paid roles.”