Minima Announces Winners of Blockchain Innovation Challenge

Dec Connolly Editor

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Minima, the first cooperative, ultra-lean, blockchain network that enables anyone to run a complete node on a mobile or IoT device, in conjunction with EdenBase, a hub and ecosystem offering a framework for growth for disruptors, has announced the 2022 winners of its inaugural Minima Innovation Challenge (MIC) to encourage developers to build applications on Minima over it’s core offering. 

The Minima Innovation Challenge 2022 winners announced are:

1.       Team Stampd, led by William Montgomery: A Peer-2-Peer platform for the resale/used goods market, with a searchable and viewable NFT of the product and its information history. 

2.       Team Minipay, led by Michal Borowiecki: Contactless payments connected to Minima wallet, using NFC and QR codes.

3.       Team MDAE, led by Josua: Decentralized advertising ecosystem that rewards customers for loyalty and viewings.

Minima worked with EdenBase to lay down the challenge for creators to think of applications ‘outside-the-box’ to extend the type of applications that Minima can run. Selected from applications from over 20 countries, and with over 40 applications, the three teams were crowned joint winners with each team receiving $20,000 in Minima tokens. The winning teams will now work alongside Minima and EdenBase to help them take their ideas forward into reality.

The winners were chosen from ten finalists who initially completed the Ideation Phase. The Minima Innovation Challenge, consisting of two stages – the Ideation Phase and the Coding Phase – which saw the teams build their solutions and provide a Proof of Concept (PoC). 

Minima’s Head of Partnerships, Adam Feiler, as part of the judging committee, said: “The quality of applications from all the ten finalists was astonishing. They worked very hard, and all delivered high quality submissions. We were impressed by the range of applications. The three winners had excelled in developing applications, MiniDapp, running on Minima which interacted with the core technology and utilises unique properties of Minima’s blockchain.  The apps that were developed bring utility and real-world value which will encourage further adoption of Minima for daily use.”

Winner, William Montgomery, from team Stampd, commented, “It’s incredibly exciting. I feel very lucky to have won. I’ve just been speaking to one of the other 10 finalists that were part of the competition. I love his idea as well. For me, it’s been really fun. I’d like to highlight that this is a team effort – I’ve got my team members, Raz and Joel, to thank for the design and bouncing ideas off and Joel worked on the development of the MiniDapp.”

Minima CEO and Co-Founder, Hugo Feiler, said: “Everyone at Minima has been genuinely impressed with the ideas and development of concept that the winners have displayed in their projects and creation of their demo apps. What we have seen over the past few months is the Minima protocol in practice and how it will change our daily lives, giving everyone more freedom with absolute security.