Leeds set to become a global health tech hub

Dec Connolly Editor

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Leeds is set to become a global hub for healthtech, according to experts at SPG Resourcing. The technology resourcing firm has seen a spike in demand for data and development roles in the health sector throughout 2023.

The 30% rise in high-quality job roles comes as digital consultancies and established healthtech companies, such as Tissue Regenix, TPP and EMIS, expand in the city.

Leeds is well-placed to be a hub for healthtech due to several renowned hospitals, research centres, and universities that provide the necessary resources and expertise to support the development of healthtech solutions.

Commenting on the growth, Sam Hameed, co-founder and managing director of SPG Resourcing, said: “It appears that Leeds is at a tipping point where there is a clear demand for digital transformation from the health sector and an evolving ecosystem of high-growth firms that are expanding to meet demand in the UK and overseas.”

Leeds also has a thriving tech industry with several startups and established companies working on cutting-edge technology. In addition, the city has a strong reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship, which is critical for developing new healthtech solutions.

The city is also home to The Centre for HealthTech Innovation (CHI), a joint research initiative between the University of Leeds and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to accelerate the development and adoption of new health technologies.

It draws on the expertise of a community of around 150 scientists and clinical academics from across the University and the Trust. It is part of a wide network of industrial, academic and clinical partners from the Leeds City Region.

The global healthtech market was valued at approximately $175 billion (US) in 2019 and is projected to reach $660 billion by 2025. Even prior to the COVID pandemic, there was a steady rise in the adoption of digital health tools. However, the need for such tools has significantly increased in response to the pandemic.

Sam Hameed concluded: “Leeds is home to several leading universities, including the University of Leeds, which produces a steady stream of highly skilled graduates in healthcare, engineering, and computer science. This provides access to a talent pool that is essential for the development of healthtech.

“As the ecosystem continues to grow, it’s imperative that it’s supported by government, active investors, and innovative accelerators and incubators. These elements provide the necessary infrastructure and support to help healthtech startups thrive.”

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