Handy energy-saving hints and tips guide launched to help households save money on their bills

Dec Connolly Editor

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A comprehensive new guide designed to help households save potentially hundreds of pounds on their energy bills this winter is free to access now.

The Ultimate Home Energy Saving Guide produced by ivie aims to help cash-strapped UK households by helping them to reduce energy usage and bills this winter.

Last month ivie launched a free new app enabling users to save energy in the home more easily and quickly than ever before. Over 10,000 thousand users have already downloaded the app in the past 4 weeks and are using it to tackle the rising energy bills.

The Ultimate Home Energy Saving Guide includes everything from preparing for the difficult winter months and understanding how the home actually uses energy. It also contains helpful hints and tips on keeping bills down, the ideal temperature to heat the average home and which appliances could be sending bills through the roof.  

Following the introduction of the Energy Price Guarantee in October, a typical household in Great Britain can now expect to pay a minimum of £2,500 a year on their energy bill. However, the Guarantee only extends until April 2023 after which bills could soar again spelling further misery for UK households already fighting to combat the cost of living crisis. With energy prices and the cost of living at an all-time high, the free Guide and the ivie app are both very helpful tools for people looking to save energy, cut costs and reduce their bills further throughout the winter months.  

The Ultimate Home Energy Saving Guide aims to prepare households for rising energy costs this winter. It identifies smarter, faster, more efficient ways to save energy and how to improve energy efficiency in the home with in home displays (IHDs), smart meters and effective insulation.

Mike Woodhall, founder and CEO of Harrogate-based Chameleon Technology, creators of the Ultimate Home Energy Saving Guide and developers of the ivie app, commented: “This winter is going to be difficult for everyone as our energy bills increase again. To help prepare people for what is likely to be a very difficult time, the ivie team has compiled the best energy-saving tips and advice into one handy guide. The free guide is for everyone and we’ve shared everything we know about energy to help all households become more energy efficient at home so they can save on bills this winter.”

In addition to the Ultimate Guide, the free to download ivie app gives users total control over their home energy by using smart meter energy data to give a personal and smart saving experience. Users see their energy usage broken down by their everyday activities, allowing them to pinpoint which areas of the home use the most energy. The app also shows personalised, live energy data when connected to an ivie Bud in-home display, helping households to make instant, smart energy-saving decisions that will reduce costs, energy and help to cut carbon. 

Mike Woodhall added: “Rising energy costs and how we’re going to be able to afford our energy bills this winter is currently one of the greatest worries facing millions of people. Finding ways to reduce energy consumption at home can be confusing and overwhelming. Our 50-page guide addresses those concerns head-on and helps people to answer the question of what will help to reduce their bills the most. 

“We created ivie to help people reduce their energy use, bills and carbon footprint. As we know this isn’t a simple task, the team also put together the Ultimate Home Energy Saving Guide to present all the information needed about saving energy in the home in one place. It highlights the importance of understanding how and where energy is used in the home and how this is the first crucial step for saving energy. It also shows how gadgets such as the smart meter, in-home display, and other smart technology like our ivie app can help achieve this. We’ve included some of the best energy-saving advice and even the team’s own personal tips for how best to make big savings over the winter.” 

The Guide can be downloaded for free here – https://insights.ivie.co.uk/energy-saving-guide/

For more information about ivie, please visit https://ivie.co.uk/