‘Give Eco a Go’: New sustainable-living campaign launches to save Brits on their energy bills

Dec Connolly Editor

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This month, SaveMoneyCutCarbon, the nation’s leading money-saving and sustainability platform, is offering its customers the opportunity to purchase any eco-product from their Home Shop, install it, trial it, and even return the product, free of charge, for up to 30 days, if not satisfied. This comes amidst the backdrop of the UK’s energy price cap now forecast to exceed £3,000 annually, £200 more than initially predicted by Ofgem.

Promoting the message: ‘Give Eco a Go’, the sustainability superstore is welcoming their new sustainable living campaign to help break barriers associated with eco-living, showing how a simple swap can save you hundreds annually on your energy bills. Their products include Smart home products, lighting alternatives and laundry products to allow users to put their money-saving products to test. This week’s ‘Swap of the Week’ is the ecoegg laundry egg.

This fresh linen Laundry Egg replaces your traditional laundry detergent and fabric softener, saving you up to 40 plastic bottles a year, and once you buy the refills your cost per wash is only 10p.

According to SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s sustainable living expert, Kirsty Brandon, the five problem areas that are the worst contributors to a high carbon footprint include food waste, toiletries, cling film, plastic toothbrushes, and inefficient lighting. Contributing to a shocking 55% of all plastic dumped in UK landfill sites and further 8 million tonnes ending up in the world’s oceans, the ‘Give Eco a Go’ initiative significantly lowers these figures, encouraging a greener way of living.

But, what happens to the returned products?

Without contributing to additional waste, the sustainability superstore has teamed up with two incredible charities. Firstly, the Thetford Foodbank, which is part of ‘Seeded’ by the Trussell Trust, and Lighthouse, the women’s refuge based in Ipswich. Any eco-friendly products returned will be donated to help their community kitchens.

Saving money on cleaning and kitchen equipment means that both charities can use the money on other necessities to help people in crisis further.

Mark Sait comments on the money-saving potential of sustainable swaps in light of their research:

“We hear it all the time, you want to try and be more sustainable but don’t know where to start or are worried that eco-friendly products won’t work as well and you’ll have wasted your money. That’s why we’ve launched “Give Eco A Go” – to remove those barriers. Trying a product with the peace of mind that you can get your money back even if it makes taking the leap to being more sustainable a bit of a no-brainer.”

“There is the notion that sustainable equals expensive. However, SaveMoneyCutCarbon hosts a wealth of eco-friendly products, which cost the same or even less than their traditional counterparts. For example, swapping your traditional kitchen roll for a reusable bamboo version can save you around £60 a year. Swapping your shower head for an eco-friendly option not only uses 60% less water, but it will save you £40 a year on energy bills. The best part is your shower experience will be just as good as before!”