Reimagining the World of Conferences and Awards

Dec Connolly Editor


This year’s National Inclusion Week will see the launch of a brand new type of conference and awards.

Award-winning diversity and inclusion consultancy Watch This Sp_ce are on a mission to reimagine the world of work, and now they are asking a range of inspirational speakers to explore how work is changing to include everyone. 

The Reimagination at Work Conference takes place online, and all talks are available on-demand to be accessible to as wide an audience as possible. The week-long event takes place during National Inclusion Week, Monday 26th September – Sunday 2nd October, and speakers include renowned speaker and author Nadia Finer, former footballer, anti-racism campaigner and broadcaster Paul Mortimer, inspirational speaker and campaigner Marc Convey, and activist and TEDx speaker Kaia Allen-Bevan. Topics covered will include accessibility, neurodiversity, allyship, leadership, collaboration, bereavement and digital self-care. Tickets are just £20 and can be purchased at

Watch This Sp_ce Co-Creator Mo Kanjilal said: “We’re so excited for the incredible talks we have lined up. The speakers are all highly inspirational, but they will also give practical takeaways that viewers can use to drive greater inclusion and innovation in their own workplaces. We’re keen to help as many people as possible gain learnings and insights that will help them transform the way they work.” 

To support that transformation and celebrate best practice in this area, the conference will also feature the Reimagination at Work Awards. The awards will celebrate organisations that are finding new ways to work and do business that include a wider variety of people. From bold approaches to flexible working, to innovative accessibility solutions, to better ways of understanding and supporting employees, and so much more, the awards will share the stories of organisations that are helping the way we work to evolve into a brighter future.

These awards are not like any other. There are no categories, and no losers. Simply tell your story and, if it’s one that others can learn from and be inspired by, then you’ll be given an award. The awards set out to share the stories of all winners far and wide in order to demonstrate how we can all make the world of work better for everyone. 

Allegra Chapman, Co-Creator of Watch This Sp_ce, said: “We believe in collaboration over competition, and that’s what we want to champion with these awards. Changing the world of work is a big job, and not one that any single organisation can accomplish alone. We all need to work together to build a better world, so, rather than pit people who are doing great things against one another, we want to bring them all together to celebrate their fantastic achievements. We want to combat the scarcity mentality that drives people to compete with those striving for the same aims as them – there is plenty of opportunity and glory to go around!”

The Reimagination at Work Awards are free to enter – simply visit and fill in the entry form before 31st August.