Delivered Social Partners With Shaping Portsmouth

Dec Connolly Editor

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On the road to growing Delivered Social and spreading its initiatives across multiple locations, the Digital Marketing Agency has been working with businesses far and wide for a few years now. With some great clients and contacts based by the sea, they have been looking for ways to expand their already-thriving corporate social responsibility.

As the top-rated Digital Agency in Portsmouth and Guildford, the team have been reaching out to local initiatives to see how they can get involved in new and exciting community projects.

A recent partnership they are super excited to announce is one with Shaping Portsmouth.

The Mission

The incredible team works to facilitate growth, inspiration, inclusivity, diversity and encouragement across the waterfront city. There are many programmes set up by their part-time staff and volunteers that manage business, education and community aspects of life in Portsmouth with every one of these visions in mind.

All of the programmes and experiences put in place by the team are creating the most wonderful place to live and work – ensuring every member of the community has access to all they need to thrive and make a difference.

Delivered Social And Shaping Portsmouth

Delivered Social has chosen to partner with this fantastic cause because their outlook and values match so well. The agency has always done all it can to get stuck into the community and provide opportunities for as many people and businesses as possible.

It’s not just about offering services in digital marketing or taking part in the occasional Random Act of Kindness day. Being partners allows them to contribute to an ongoing vision and show commitment to things they love doing!

Delivered Social’s Regional Director, Terence holds the city particularly close to his heart, saying “We are extremely proud to become partners with Shaping Portsmouth. We’ve followed them for many years and this partnership shows a real commitment by Delivered Social to work closely with our Portsmouth Community and help businesses thrive in our city. As a Portsmouth Ambassador, I want to support Shaping Portsmouth’s objectives in making this city the best place in the UK to live, learn and invest.”

Stef Nienaltowski, CEO of Shaping Portsmouth has said “Jonathan and Terence share the values and vision we have for the City, and they and their wonderful organisation will play a central part in the future growth and prosperity of Portsmouth.”

It’s another exciting prospect for Delivered Social that goes hand in hand with our growth and charitable projects! We know that many more businesses can benefit from this partnership with Shaping Portsmouth and we hope to see more people doing the same!