Shawton Energy See Solar Power Demand Surge As Energy Prices Continue To Rise

Dec Connolly Editor

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A North West company that focuses on roof-top solar projects has seen enquiries rise ten-fold as firms across the country strive to meet their carbon reduction targets.

Renewable technology provider Shawton Energy say that demand is at an all-time high as energy prices continue to soar, with the Newton-Le-Willows HQ team helping many industrial and commercial businesses to become carbon neutral by installing Solar PV on their buildings and on their land. 

It is on track to deliver more than £50million of invested capital in high-quality solar projects over the next five years.

With more than 20 years of industry experience, the company is a funded decarbonisation partner for UK businesses, in partnership with low carbon fund manager Iona Capital.

Managing Director Jamie Shaw said: “Over the past two years, we have developed a significant number of solar, battery and renewable energy projects and we now have a proven record that is attracting companies nationwide in their decision process when it comes to the way in which they use their energy.

“Now more than ever, businesses need assurance that their energy bills aren’t going to go through the roof and by installing Solar PV through our joint venture with Iona Capital, businesses are able to see financial savings from day one and gain protection from future price rises. Through our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) solution, it enables businesses to switch effortlessly to low-cost, clean, green energy, without any extra costs.”

The energy provider has recently worked on projects up and down the UK within the Public and Private sectors.

In May 2019, the Committee on Climate Change recommended that the UK should aim to be net zero on all greenhouse gases by 2050. The built environment contributes around 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint. Whilst newly constructed buildings are more efficient, they can still be driven to a net zero position.

But with 80% of 2050’s buildings already built, Shawton Energy believe that de-carbonising existing buildings – both domestic and non-domestic – needs to remain a major focus.

Jamie added: “Iona Capital’s investment and our partnership with them gives us a strong platform to grow our business in a buoyant period for the renewable sector, in particular private wire connections. 

“Together we can provide funding, turnkey installations and operations and maintenance, which makes us a strong collaboration. We share a passion and a commitment with Iona to enable industry and commerce to fully realise the long-term benefits of renewable energy, and a commitment to build high-quality, well-maintained on-site generation systems for our customers.”

Far more than just energy consultants, Shawton Energy are experienced engineers who have a passion for delivering a portfolio of practical, green renewables, alongside more traditional sources. They develop, design, construct, operate and maintain high performing green energy projects, with a results-based approach that retains focus on tangible benefits that are both visible and measurable.

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