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Playground xyz Hires Top Consumer Neuroscientist, Dr. Shannon Bosshard

Dec Connolly Editor

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Playground xyz (PXYZ), the leader in attention and optimisation technology, has moved to further cement their position as the leader in understanding consumer attention with their hire of consumer neuroscientist, Dr. Shannon Bosshard as Lead Scientist. 

With people being bombarded with over 6,000 ads a day – consumer attention will be the most sought after commodity in the digital advertising industry in the years to come. PXYZ is investing in helping advertisers understand the correlation between digital environments and creative so that they can drive attention and ROI across their advertising campaigns. 

Talking about the importance of attention, Dr. Bosshard said: “The media industry has been clamouring for more accurate and robust measurement tools, and attention-based signals offer an incredibly enticing leap forwards in that respect. Accordingly, the world’s biggest brands are looking to implement attention solutions but we know that not all attention is created equal; there are proxy metrics that claim to measure attention and our goal will be to demonstrate that only true attention metrics, such as Attention Time, are tied to commercial outcomes. Methodologies inclusive of, but not limited to, neuroscience will allow us to do exactly that.” 

Dr. Bosshard joins from Australian Radio Network’s Neurolab (ARN Neurolab) where he was responsible for establishing and managing the function as Australia’s first in-house media research initiative of its kind. At PXYZ, Shannon will lead the consumer attention research initiatives that will unlock best practices and understandings for brands to drive optimal attention and ultimately business outcomes across their digital advertising campaigns. 

Playground xyz CEO, Hall, commented: “We’ve been working hard to make attention actionable for our clients via things like real time DSP and SSP integrations, large-scale data access and easy to use tools. The next 12 months are going to see Playground xyz continue to position itself as a leader in attention research. Our goal is to provide our clients with an end to end way to activate on attention and prove its impact to the brand.We have some of the best minds in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and now research. With Dr. Bosshard joining the team, we will be able to shed light on the relationship between attention and consumer behaviour including memory-encoding, engagement, and attitude.”

Dr. Bosshard will work out of the Australia office and work closely with CEO, Rob Hall; Head of EMEA, Ben Dimond; Head of Product & Engineering, Graham Burton; and Director of Global Client Services, Nick Mudge, to position the organisation as a leader in attention-based research.