New paddle boarding site launched to help users find safer and better waters

Dec Connolly Editor

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A next-generation database of paddle boarding spots, submitted by users across the globe, has launched in July 2022.

Formed by a small team of passionate paddle boarders, Paddly was designed to help other users to find better and safer spots to board. Having travelled the world and visited some breathtaking destinations, the dedicated team envisaged a platform where like-minded paddle boarders could come and share their experiences with others, for the benefit of the wider community.

It’s free to use and is essentially the TripAdvisor of paddle boarding locations

Paddly’s mission of safety and sustainability

Paddly’s ultimate mission is to empower the paddle board community to find the best, safest and most suitable paddle boarding spots in their area.

Everyone from new to seasoned paddleboarders know the difficulties in trying to find a local spot to meet all of their needs. Paddly believes that users should never have to compromise on a suitable paddle boarding spot – particularly if it could be dangerous.

Currently, the information about good and safe paddle boarding areas is insufficient. There have sadly been a number of deaths in recent years due to unsafe paddle boarding waters, which is one of the main motivators behind Paddly. The team have built the platform to help to make a change.

Hot spots submitted by those who know paddle boarding best

The paddle boarding locations on Paddly are all user-submitted by like-minded boarders. Not only does this provide reliable reviews, but also allows any user to share information if they’ve stumbled upon a particularly perfect spot – or want to warn others of an unsafe area.

Each spot is broken down using various review metrics and lists all relevant amenities and local information.

Whether you’re after a quiet or sociable spot, or hoping to find an area with some inspiring views, the detailed reviews will help you find what you’re looking for – all with the knowledge that these areas are safe, and tried and tested.

The future of Paddly

To help expand and bring the community together, Paddly wants to help paddle board users to find others nearby, and invite them on their next trip. The team are currently developing a tool which allows users to find and join paddle boarding clubs in their area and communicate with fellow users online.

Once this feature is available, they will offer the ability to book lessons through the website, as well as offer sustainable equipment recommendations for both budget and high-end needs.

Commenting on the launch, a spokesperson from Paddly said:

“The concept of Paddly has been in discussion for years so it’s fantastic to finally see the launch of the website. Our small team are all paddle board users, and we found ourselves often frustrated by the lack of information surrounding local paddle board spots. Setting out on the wrong location can be very dangerous, sometimes even life-threatening, so our primary aim is to improve safety for boarders.”

“In the future, we see Paddly not only to be a useful resource for users, but also a place for the community to come together across the globe and meet fellow boarders.