Divr Labs Launches to the UK with next level virtual reality experience at Westfield London

Dec Connolly Editor

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A new virtual-reality 4-D world by Divr Labs is set to shake up the status quo in the virtual reality gaming world, with a state-of-the-art space opening in Westfield London this Autumn. Opening on Monday 17 October, this will be a one-of-a-kind experience for London audiences and visitors alike. The family-friendly experience will provide an immersive, educational, and most importantly, fun, day out for guests both young and old.

Opening just in time for October half-term this will be the place to take the kids for the best entertainment and interactive engaging and safe puzzle-based labyrinth. The location based virtual reality experience will start from £29.95 per person for a fun-filled 40-minute session.

Divr Labs´s latest game, Meet the Dinosaurs, which provides a unique experience for adventurers and explorers who want to discover the pre-historic world of giant life-size creatures in 4-D is available to play. The educational game provides an interactive experience for guests to meet the dinosaurs face to face in the virtual reality world.

Divr Labs’ London location will provide fun for the whole family giving parents, grandparents, and carers the opportunity to relive their childhood again alongside their children. Families will take a mesmerising journey into the world of Divr Labs ‘Meet the Dinosaurs’. As part of the pre-historic fantasy, players who choose to accept the mission will become virtual time travellers and travel back 80 million years through the cretaceous landscape to get up close to the dinosaurs.

This will be a unique virtual reality with real world motion, where visitors can explore and discover the immersive world of Divr Labs games by being able to physically walk-through the ‘Meet the Dinosaurs’ game. The VR journey will consist of multi-sensory features which enable the visitor to interact with others, play with groups of players, and touch and see the dinosaurs in a way like never before. Players can fully immerse themselves in the experience, feeling the movement of tremors, wind and even heat from virtual hot lava, not forgetting the opportunity to enjoy a flying sensation from a virtual glider.

Guests can also walk through the VR world in real time in multi-functional rooms, which will be a labyrinth of free-roaming in a large-scale arena of over 1600 Sq ft / 150 sqm, which will be one of the biggest free-roam arena in London.

“This new multi-faceted VR space is set to blow the minds of every visitor from young and old alike and will appeal to families as a great activity to do together. With exciting new adventure games including ‘Meet the Dinosaurs’, our games will take you to the next level in VR which has never before been experienced in the UK.” commented Lukáš Marek, CEO at Divr Labs.

Founded in 2018 – Divr Labs is growing year-on-year with other locations based in Hamley’s toy shop in Prague and Westfield Mall of Scandinavia. The company is constantly searching to develop its own innovative and progressive non-violent puzzle-based games to bring visitors a world of location-based entertainment on the next level, of a high-quality 4D multi-sensory experience. In order to make the experiences as realistic as possible, Divr Labs works with specialist consultants to deliver the highest quality games and an unrivalled experience.

The new venue in Westfield (Shepherd’s Bush) will be located on the Ground Floor in unit 1065. Tickets to the experience can be bought on the day or online for group bookings and will be open seven days a week from 10am – 9pm Monday-Saturday and 12pm – 6pm on Sundays.