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Desygner Expands Its Presence in UK to Capture Global Enterprise Brand Management Market

Dec Connolly Editor

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Desygner, the global creative solution platform for design & branding, today announced entry into the UK enterprise market with their enterprise HQ in London. The design automation platform enables businesses of all sizes to create, store and distribute professionally designed digital assets for all marketing needs.

The company founded in Gold Coast, Australia recorded significant organic growth since its inception in 2016 and went on to hit a massive milestone of over 30 million+ users and 200,000 business subscribers worldwide in 2022. With the goal of bringing creative design tools that are easy to use by anyone, the company was conceptualised as a one-stop-shop that enables individual users and businesses to create and distribute professional content without any designing skills.

Having proven its success with the consumer & prosumer base, Desygner´s exclusive technology for enterprise aims to solve the challenge of unified brand management for design and communication in a rapidly growing “User Generated Content” (UGC) landscape. Desygner for enterprise particularly enables large businesses to achieve customisation, updation, dissemination & compliance of branded files through centralised brand portal, partner portal, Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool, employee & customer engagement solutions ensuring global content governance and auditability.

Speaking about Desygner for Enterprise, Alexander Rich – Co-Founder & CEO, Desygner said, “It is wonderful to be back here in London, regularly meeting our customers that rely on us to bring them at least 10 x ROIs in DAM, Branding, Marcomm and UGC. Those that have our entire suite of self-service portals and our AI DAM with Globalisation are making outdated files a thing of the past, whilst massively reducing risk with corporate governance and compliance built in for their staff, partners and B2C.

Content governance is gaining prominence in recent years with user generated content exposed to multi-platform communication across geographies at the risk of brand identity and compliance. With ´User Generated Content´ set to only grow in future, monitoring content dissemination that is authentic and on-brand presents a significant challenge for businesses. Businesses risk compromising brand image, customer trust if content is not – uniform, compliant to geo-specific policies additionally risking both public and businesses at perils of fraudulent players.

Desygner offers a centralised, cost and time saving approach to enterprise brand management enabling access to information and assets that are pre-approved and in line with corporate branding overcoming inter-departmental as well as geographic challenges and complexities of linguistic, governance and compliance. Plus, outdated brand files in legacy formats are a huge threat to brand authenticity & relevance. With Desygner enterprise solution, the issue of updating outdated and non-compliant files can be resolved within seconds which would otherwise take months for design teams to work on individual files.

With a notable line-up of enterprise customers including BBC, Amazon, TechStar, Redfin, Keller Williams, Inspired Education among others, the platform empowers marketing experts within organisations to brand the business with permissioning, automation, approvals and AI while the end-users have a simplified experience.

Speaking about their experience, Desygner´s customer TechStar – a global investment company with worldwide network providing capital and mentorship for early-stage start-ups said, “We were struggling to provide all our partners and organisers with tools to help them create uniform branding content. With Desygner, we found a one-stop solution to bring everyone onboard with tools and assets to create one cohesive branding experience.”

Desygner has won accolades among enterprise customers for it´s automation, integration to data feeds, animation, PDF editing, document management, and Adobe Indesign import features whilst allowing localised printing with a few clicks almost everywhere in the world.