Amelia Sordell – “I scrapped all our employee benefits & this is why”

Dec Connolly Editor

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Amelia Sordell, Founder of Klowt – the personal branding agency in London has just announced the cancellation of all her employee benefits. Staff at the central London office have received seemingly incredible benefits for nearly two years including.

  • UNLIMITED holidays
  • UNLIMITED learning opportunities – Klowt pay for any course the staff may want to go on
  • UNLIMITED books from Amazon

Instead, the company has introduced:

  • 30 days PAID holiday.
  • £100 towards your commuting cost, monthly.
  • £45 towards your wellbeing, monthly.
  • £10 towards your home WiFi bill, monthly.

Amelia stated –

“These newly introduced benefits are actually costing the business more than the ones we had before, but they’re so much better for everyone – and that’s what matters. This is what the team actually wants. If your employee benefits don’t benefit your employees, what’s the point of having them?”

Kirsty McMachan, Personal Brand Executive said”No employer has taken my OCD seriously – in fact no one takes OCD seriously in general. Nothing could be more validating to me and my mental health than having a wellbeing package that takes care of my most prominent triggers. Having £45 towards a cleaner in my home will be a game changer to both my personal and professional life! Klowt are leading the way to creating a business that actually cares about its people, rather than dangling meaningless perks in front of our faces.”

Megan-Eve Hollins, Personal Brand Manager

“The new benefits make me feel like Klowt’s got my back – specifically with the wifi and travel bill. As for the £45 towards wellbeing, this can be spent on so many different activities and the activities can change each month.

For me this is game-changing because I don’t necessarily do a “routine” and I have highs and lows within the month, so next month I could really do with a massage and the month after could have gone amazingly so I treat myself to a pottery kit. Either way I feel like these benefits are a lot more human than the usual rigid policies.”

Sam Spencer, Video Editor stated “With the rise in living costs, offering to pay towards travel helps so much. Everything is getting so expensive, before even thinking about the commute to and from the office.

It’s reassuring to know that some companies have a heart when others are turning billions of pounds of profit whilst people are struggling to stay afloat “cough Shell Cough”