AIDEM Announces Global Availability of DSP and Platform-Wide Partnership with FouAnalytics

Dec Connolly Editor

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AIDEM today announces the global availability of its privacy-first Demand Side Platform (DSP) as well as a new partnership with FouAnalytics, to help clients improve campaign effectiveness while detecting and mitigating ad fraud and waste.  

Moving on from media buying with legacy platforms which depend on cookies to operate, advertisers are now switching to AIDEM; a modern cookie-free buying platform, purpose-built to be compliant with all privacy regulations worldwide. This is achieved thanks to a targeting AI that operates on a purely semantic basis without relying on IDs, personal, first, or third-party data. 

Giovanni Solazzo, Founder of AIDEM, explains: “AIDEM represents ‘media’ turned around, literally and figuratively. We are on a mission to provide transparency in media and so we are delighted to announce this platform-wide partnership with FouAnalytics, so every customer can ‘see Fou themselves’. The combination of AIDEM and FouAnalytics offer advertisers vastly upgraded tools.

“AIDEM’s AI is connected to the ‘bid firehose’ and evaluates up to 10 trillion requests per week. The vast majority of fraudulent and problematic bid requests are automatically filtered out before advertisers make a single bid, while the platform also eliminates the ‘ad tech tax’, hidden arbitrage, leakage, undisclosed kick-backs, and ‘unknown delta’ that drain advertisers’ budgets on other platforms.” 

Independent ad fraud researcher, Dr. Augustine Fou, founder of FouAnalytics, adds: “AIDEM is far and away the most accurate DSP I have ever used. Having long documented double-digit inaccuracies and leakage, when using AIDEM, I find my campaign settings are delivered exactly. It’s, therefore, no surprise to see growing numbers of advertisers who want to reduce their reliance on Google platforms and other legacy DSPs using AIDEM to buy digital media going forward.”

Every ad impression can be monitored with FouAnalytics and the AIDEM platform proactively excludes fraudulent supply paths, sites and apps from the entire system. This eliminates the work that customers usually have to do when adding sites and apps to block lists manually and helps them avoid paying more for supply path optimization services. 

AIDEM customers can opt into a full dashboard view of FouAnalytics to monitor and manage their own campaigns by ticking a checkbox. They are also being offered a discount of one-third on annual FouAnalytics Enterprise subscriptions.