Leading Health Insurer is the first of its kind to be awarded B Corp status

Dec Connolly Editor

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The UK’s leading health and dental plan provider Simplyhealth, is the first Health Insurer to be awarded B Corp status, in recognition of its significant achievements in sustainability, in addition to ambitious future environmental and social responsibility goals.

To become a certified B Corporation (a for-profit company dedicated to using business as a force for good), companies must commit to achieving high standards of social and environmental performance. To qualify, companies must achieve a minimum verified score of 80 points on the ‘B Impact Assessment’ which measures the impact on workers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Simplyhealth achieved 91.9 points.

Environmental highlights include:

  • Working with Carbon Footprint Ltd to achieve Carbon Neutral + status – with the goal of reaching net zero by 2030
  • Increasing the company’s recycling rate to 76%, with the remaining waste incinerated for energy recovery
  • A dedicated Sustainability Committee – focused on achieving sustainability across all levels of the business and accountable for the delivery of the company’s wider sustainability plan

In addition, the company has rolled out an ‘All Together Healthier’ programme, which has initiated electric car charging points and improved bike sheds to encourage employees to travel sustainably. Plus, LED lighting, waterless urinals, tiles made from 100% green energy and fully circular recycled materials have been installed across all Simplyhealth offices. The company also upcycles, recycles, or donates used work surfaces, office furniture and computers, to support the local community.

Dr Sneh Khemka, CEO of Simplyhealth said: “At Simplyhealth, we’ve always stood for a healthier world and are under no illusion that action is required for this to happen. Our health depends on the health of our planet – which is why we are honoured to be recognised as a B Corp certified company for doing our part.

“We are incredibly proud to have achieved a high score in our B Impact Assessment which measured our impact on workers, suppliers, community and the environment – but we are not done. We will continue to challenge ourselves to do more for the planet, including building towards Carbon Neutral + status – with the goal of reaching net zero by 2030. 

Today, there are over 5,000 Certified B Corporations across 83 countries and 153 industries, unified by a shared belief that business can benefit the world and the people who live in it.