Innova Medical Group Appoints Robert Kasprzak as CEO

Dec Connolly Editor


Innova Medical Group, a leading developer and distributer of rapid diagnostic tests and other medical devices, has announced the appointment of Robert A. Kasprzak as Chief Executive Officer.

Kasprzak, a co-founder of Innova, has served as Chief Legal Officer since Innova’s inception in 2020. He has been a core member of Innova’s leadership team and has played a pivotal role in driving commercial growth and expanding investments into disruptive healthcare technologies.

Innova has been a key supplier of lateral flow (LFT) Covid tests to the UK Government during the pandemic and Robert has been the principal liaison with the Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC), MHRA, and UKHSA.

The company’s fast, effective and affordable devices – which were distributed under the NHS brand – have been a pivotal contribution to the UK’s national pandemic response, it’s largest public health intervention to date.

“As a proven leader of and contributor to the Innova team, Robert is well positioned to take the company forward in its next phase of growth. His experience as a business minded attorney gives him the ability to align the importance of the company’s regulatory obligations with the global expansion and commercialization of our full array of product offerings,” said Sean Rogers, chairman of Innova.

As part of its global growth strategy, Robert is focused on the expansion of Innova’s tests and other medical devices into new markets, including the UK, with an overall aim of providing effective, high-quality diagnostic products at reasonable prices to more people around the world.

Commenting on his new role, Kasprzak said: “We’ve built world-class teams, which has allowed us to rapidly establish ourselves as industry leaders in the global market.

“Our teams have a proven track record of accomplishing the seemingly impossible across the globe, which includes our unprecedented response to the pandemic in the UK.

“Looking forward, we want to continue to uncover and invest in innovative healthcare products and technologies which tackle some of our most pressing healthcare issues, ones which will add exponential value and synergies to our existing portfolio.”

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