The value of social selling: How TikTok Fulfilment is set to change eCommerce forever

Dec Connolly Editor


There are over 16 billion views across TikTok videos tagged #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. A quick scroll through the hashtag reveals a plethora of unboxings, shopping hauls, product reviews, and “life hack” demonstrations, with creators sharing items they purchased after seeing them on TikTok.

Although it’s not a new concept for social media to affect our buying habits, the platform with over one billion monthly active users is poised to capitalise on the opportunities of the eCommerce market.

In fact, beyond the lip-syncing, dancing, and public prank videos, TikTok is quickly becoming a product recommendation engine that drives eCommerce sales. Many online retailers have already discovered the huge potential TikTok has for advertising and selling products – and the platform has continued to respond to the demand to make social commerce easier and more seamless.

The current struggle to fulfil orders placed on TikTok

Up until now, large TikTok sellers were struggling to fulfil the large volume of orders placed through the app due to its lack of integration with shipping couriers, 3PLs (Third Party Logistics) and Fulfilment Providers.

To solve this hurdle, Zendbox has launched a new TikTok Fulfilment service to help eCommerce stores optimise their TikTok Shops, boost sales and deliver products with next-day delivery.

How does TikTok Shop work?

TikTok has recently launched TikTok Shop; the latest social commerce offering where eCommerce stores can sell their products directly through the app, with no need to redirect users onto their website.

The recent launch of TikTok Shop allows users to buy products that they see on the app without having to be redirected elsewhere, cutting out a step of the customer journey.

ECommerce stores can set up a specific TikTok Shopping account which will have a Shopping tab within the profile where customers can browse and buy items, all whilst staying on the app.

TikTok creators can also tag products listed on a TikTok Shop within their videos, meaning viewers can click through to learn more or even buy the item they’ve seen. It’s a great way of harnessing the huge and growing young audience on the platform. 

Companies selling on TikTok should consider producing their own regular content to direct interested buyers to their TikTok Shop, in the form of stories, live streams or videos.

How can a TikTok fulfilment service help?

Zendbox’s TikTok Shop fulfilment service integrates with TikTok Shop easily to ensure zero downtime or disruption of sales. No matter whether it’s a brand account with direct shopping links or affiliate sales links through the TikTok influencers, Zendox provides a TikTok integration that works for any business.

For stores already selling on Shopify, expanding to TikTok Shop is a no-brainer as it will help tap into an even larger customer base. The platform is bolstered by a strong partnership with Shopify, and Zendbox’s fulfilment service can provide a seamless integration to support omnichannel social selling.

How does Zendbox’s TikTok fulfilment service work?

After partnering with Zendbox, your stock will be sent to their world-class fulfilment centres and integrated with the back-end system of your TikTok Shop to take responsibility for your order fulfilment. 

Then, you can start selling to your customers on TikTok, where users can browse your content and purchase products directly from your shop through a seamless integration.

When a product is bought from your TikTok Shop, the fulfilment process will begin; the product will be picked and packed from Zendbox’s fulfilment centre with 99.999% accuracy, using the most sustainable and appropriate packaging to minimise waste.

Zendbox offers the latest order cut-off times in the industry, meaning that customers can place an order at any time up to 7.30pm and receive it the next day. Tracking updates are automatically provided to the eCommerce store and the customer so that all relevant parties are up-to-date on where the package is within the delivery chain.

James Khoury, CEO of Zendbox, commented: 

“Social media can be an extremely powerful tool for eCommerce stores. It’s great to see that platforms such as TikTok are adapting to help businesses use their accounts to further increase sales and engage with their target audience.”

“The launch of TikTok Shop is huge news in the eCommerce space. It provides sellers with another avenue to expand their customer base and sell products, and encourages brands to produce fun and engaging content to entice viewers.”

“To help eCommerce stores make the most of their TikTok Shop and ultimately increase revenue, developers at Zendbox have created software to provide sellers with live information about their stock, as well as shipping data to provide better insights and analysis.”

Find out more about Zendbox’s TikTok Shop fulfilment service here