Bootstrapped Nutrition Company Reaches £2.5m Milestone

Dec Connolly Editor

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Founded in 2020 by two friends Dr Peter McQuillan and Akil Memishi, with 70K of joined personal savings Novomins quickly became one of the fastest growing nutrition companies in the U.K. providing the market with healthy and delicious solution to daily nutrients and vitamins needs for both adults and kids. Founders bootstrapped Novomins to success with no outside investments and now the company reached £2.5 M in revenue.

In May, 2022 Novomins have been joined by Valerie Stark former director of Bumble & CEO of the social app Huggle who now serves as a board director and CMO at Novomins. Together with Valerie Novomins created Women’s Bio-Balance Gummies, world’s first gummies for the women’s intimate health.

Novomins Gummies are created according to the industry’s highest standards and contain no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners. All Novomins products are gluten-free, non-GMO and do not contain nasty chemicals such as titanium dioxide which is often found in gummy-based vitamins. Novomins are produced in FDA registered facilities to ensure purity and potency and accompanied by certificate of analysis.

As of June 2022, the full Novomins range consists of 24 products.

“Novomins were created with people in mind. It’s those hard-to-swallow joint and magnesium supplements, unpleasant metallic taste of iron supplements and overall burden of remembering to take everything that could potentially cause choking or gagging that made us think of an alternative solution. For many the process of taking daily supplements is not something they look forward to.

So, we used our expertise in pharmacology and medicine to create a tasty yet highly potent solution for daily vitamins and supplements needs and we are excited to see the most wonderful feedback from the thousands of our customers who find Novomins work for them”. Akil Memishi, Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer 

“We launched our first products in March 2020 with 70k of personal savings and a strong belief in the idea of friendly supplementation which this market clearly needed. In two years, our customers have consumed over 11million of our gummies. Our plans to create a delicious blend of potent supplements has now become a public demand as we expand deeper in women’s health and child nutrition.” Dr Peter McQuillan, Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer