Unlimited Annual Leave introduced at West Sussex Agency

Dec Connolly Editor

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Online digital experts Smart Monkey Marketing have introduced unlimited annual leave for all staff to encourage improved work/life balance for employees. 

The new Unlimited Annual Leave Policy incorporates a minimum number of days per quarter, so staff are clear that whilst there are no expectations to stick to a certain number of days off, there is an expectation that they should take the time they need to allow themselves the opportunity to be at their best when at work. 

Unlimited paid holiday helps to increase productivity and well-being in the workplace; a recruiter study shows that employees take 50% fewer sick days when unlimited paid holiday is in place. Offering unlimited annual leave also creates a new relationship of trust between the employer and the employee, where the employee has the independence to choose when to take time off on the grounds that they complete their work. 

American companies such as Netflix, LinkedIn and Roku have successful unlimited paid holiday schemes, and as a result, many UK companies are considering whether to offer similar packages to their own employees. 

Founded in 2006, Smart Monkey Marketing is a Sussex based agency working with businesses across many sectors and proven experts in SEO, content, paid search and paid social marketing. 

Beth Nash, CEO of Smart Monkey and a Chartered Marketer with The Chartered Institute of Marketing said on the new website: “We don’t like the idea of you missing out on an incredible ‘once in a lifetime’ experience, or a last-minute day-trip, because of a holiday allowance. We also know that when you are working in our team, you will want to deliver outstanding work for your clients, so we trust you to know what that means and to get the balance right. We also want you at your best, so we encourage you to take at least a minimum of 5 days holiday every quarter.” 

Jamie Dinning, SEO Specialist at Smart Monkey said: “I am able to strike a much better work and life balance by no longer feeling restricted or earmarking days of my leave for future plans or holidays and that already has felt like a small weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It is interesting to read about the number of businesses in the UK that are recognising recent reports of employee burnout and are reviewing flexible working and holiday entitlements to help employees be at their best.”