23-year-old founder aims for 7-figure milestone

Dec Connolly Editor

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A leading personal branding agency, born out of the pandemic, is on track to hit seven figures in revenue this year following a raft of promotions and new hires.

Kurogo are continuing their expansion nationally and internationally and are on track to hit a million in revenue by 2023.

The agency specialises in building the brands of CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, and creators, with clients across marketing, sport and tech.

Kurogo’s Founder, Sam Winsbury said: “As we’ve taken on more and more clients and bigger projects, we’ve managed to grow from a team of 3 at the start of 2022 to 15 in July, which has been a steep learning curve but something I’m incredibly proud of.

“With over 50 clients in the UK, US, UAE and as far as New Zealand, we’re on course to reach our goal of becoming the go-to personal branding agency and will achieve over £1 million pound turnover by 2023.”

The agency has recently promoted Isobel Cowell to Head of Social, and Summer Hayes to Head of Client Services.

Kurogo are a remote-first agency but are focusing on key expansion in the North, including Manchester.

23-year-old Sam continued: “We’ve been fortunate to hire some top talent, thanks to our own personal brands, which has meant the work we’ve been delivering has been constantly growing and developing.

“We have some exciting new developments to our service planned over the next six months, which I’m certain will create an unrivalled offering and help us get there.

“I was due to graduate in 2020, my degree came to a halt in March, and it felt like I had a six-month free trial to try and launch a business. With the nature and restrictions of the pandemic, it was naturally tough for everyone, but it made online reputation more and more important.”

Personal branding has become a hot topic over the last couple of years, with it being linked to company success, credibility, and consumer trust. Research shows that global executives believe up to 45% of company market value is attributable to CEO reputation, whilst customers are willing to pay 13.57x more for those they consider to be elite experts and 82% of customers trust a company when their senior management members are active on social media.

“By September 2020 I had a website and a name (Brandly), with just one client. We’ve since grown month on month. During the spring and summer of 2021, I hired my first two team members and we rebranded to Kurogo. By the end of 2021, our team of four was turning over £15,000 a month,” added Sam.

“We’ve hired some incredible talent – we clearly have an eye for it – with half of the people I’ve employed being considered LinkedIn influencers.

“By 2023 we aim to clear £1m in turnover and become the world’s go-to personal branding agency, expanding the global client base, not sacrificing values for views and building brands that are meaningful and genuine.”